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Career Options

How did you get here?
That’s a pretty big question to tackle. Let’s chip away at that question little by little. Sometimes it begins with a stare off in space, looking just beyond your computer screen at work. Contemplating the familiar surroundings of your current job you ask yourself, is this what I want to do the rest of my life? Or maybe, a nagging feeling that won’t go away and seems to get stronger with every passing day. A feeling that you have been putting something off that you need to resolve...

Regardless, you have ultimately asked some questions that lead you to start investigating your career options.

What are your options?
That is a great place to start. Pick up that number 2 pencil, dust it off and put it to work. Let’s look at a few things that might help you discover what career options might suit you:
– What do you like to do?
– Why do you enjoy it?
– Would you enjoy it enough to do it until you retire?
– What do you dislike about your current career?
– What will you absolutely not do?
– How much money do you need to start out?
– Does the career choice you want to pursue pay what you need?
– Do money obstacles matter enough you to pursue another option?
– Is your career choice available where you live?
– What type of education or training will you need to start?
– Am you willing to relocate?
– Is you career field saturated or is it one in need of more quality employees?
– Will your career choice be around when you retire?

The next step:
At this point you are ready to begin researching your career choices. There are a number of great resources available online that might help you in choosing a career.

Mapping Your Future - A great place to start investigating your career choice(s), offering you start-to-finish new career planning. - This site is loaded with information to investigate all career types.

Americas CAREERInfo Net - Further career exploration information. - Offers a number of different career paths to examine. - Helps define your career interests based on your personality type.

CareerXact - A great site that offers your best fit based on answers to a few simple questions.

What Color Is Your Parachute - A must read for anyone even contemplating a career change.

Career Tests and Career Counseling by - Offering an online interest and values based career test that will help you discover your ideal career.

What are the hottest careers?
Forecasting is a tricky business. It’s based on facts, previous trends and opinions about what may occur in the future.

The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics has produced a number of forecasts that may help you in choosing a career. Click the links below to start researching.

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