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Distance Learning Online Education

The need for a college education in the work place today is on the rise. The convenience and accessibility of distance learning is more popular than ever with millions of students learning online everyday. Many educational institutions have recognized and heeded the call. Now, more than any other time in our history, a quality education can be found outside the traditional classroom with a simple internet connection.

What is distance learning?
Distance learning is an educational process that allows you to attend college level classes from somewhere other than the traditional institutional setting. You no longer need to fight rush hour traffic and park a mile from campus to get to your classroom. With online education, you can attend accredited college courses from the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to your lifestyle.

Today, the most common approach to distance learning is via online studies. Studies show many college institutions currently have some role in online education. The advent of distance learning gives more people an opportunity to pursue higher education and adds a comfortable surrounding for the learner, increasing the ability to comprehend the material at an improved rate.

How does distance learning work?
Typically, you will log in to the college's site where you are provided access to your assignments, study calendar, reference materials and to communicate with your instructor and other students. In most instances, all activities involved with providing coursework and completing assignments are handled completely online through the use of your web browser and your email.

The instructor may send information on assignments, lecture and provide all other study materials you will need. Throughout the course, you will work on assignments on your own, just as you would in a on-campus classroom setting. You will use your computer to participate in class discussions, ask questions and receive feedback. When assignments are due, you will send them to your instructors online, who will grade them and send them back with comments and grades. As a distance learning student, you have the ability to expand communication through online forums, chat rooms and email, which allows you to participate and learn with others at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Online education faculty are specially trained in online course delivery and provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the courses.

Is distance learning right for me?
Are you too busy with work or family commitments to attend night school? Distance learning allows you to earn your degree, certification or training at your own pace - when and where it's convenient for you. Your learning style is unique. An online college can provide the flexibility you need to successfully complete your education goals.

Can't find the specialized degree program you're looking for close to home? There are THOUSANDS of online programs in most all fields of study including business, technology, health care, nursing, legal & paralegal, management, admistration, design, engineering, psychology, education, criminal justice, and liberal arts and more.

Are you wanting to learn a new trade, develop a new skill, earn your technical or graduate certification? All of this and more is available with distance learning.

An online education can save you both time and money. Your email, and not your book bag, will become the tool that carries your assignments, handouts and any additional assistance you may need in providing you the best college education possible. Expenses of commuting, meals out while dashing from work straight to school, paying the babysitter, parking... all of these add up.

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